Case Studies

Toolkit Benefits

  • Save time, and accelerate your quality initiatives
  • 90+ templates designed specifically for rural hospitals
  • HAC reduction - leverage evidence-based toolkits from trusted experts that are easy for you to adopt
  • Easy to use, accessible from any device connected to the internet
  • Automated reporting to streamline your mandatory measurements and documentation
  • Reliably address regional quality, safety, and accreditation
  • Improve compliance rates

100 bed hospital infection prevention success

  • This small community hospital was looking for infection prevention tools that were efficient and enabled them to do more with their limited resources.
  • Qualaris software was used to audit the best practices in improving hand hygiene and CAUTI bundle compliance.
  • Eliminating paper processes and shifting auditing to a single platform saved nurse managers 10 hours per month, freeing up time for other diverse responsibilities.
  • Nursing teams realized dramatic improvements in compliance:  72% improvement in CAUTI bundle compliance and 35% improvement in hand hygiene compliance.
  • That means fewer infections, huge cost savings, and most importantly, safer patients.

Community hospital - falls prevention success

  • A community hospital customer's electronic medical records indicated good falls prevention practices were happening, but leadership had no way of showing what actual practices were actually being used by staff.
  • Staff collected data on compliance with 14 different best practices to prevent falls. By using that data to target improvement efforts where they were most needed, the hospital achieved greater than 90% compliance with all 14 practices, and defect-free audits increased by 76%.
  • After just 6 months of using Qualaris, the hospital saw a 90% reduction in falls, and they sustained a 56% reduction over the entire fiscal year, not only avoiding huge costs but helping to keep their patients even safer.                  

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